Football season 2023

Dear members,

We are happy to announce the start of the football season 2023 in our club. Our club will participate in two leagues: 5th division league and Puistofutis (hobby league).

If you are interested in joining, please join our trainings first and get to know our group. We have a positive and multicultural group of players that love football.

5th DIVISION (Vitonen)

For joining the Fifth Division, you need to get your own PELIPASSI (License) and pay the Registration fee to our club. You can see the dates for the games in our calendar as soon as they are published by Palloliitto. We will have 22 games altogether in the league this year. We will also have training sessions every week until October. We also suggest you to buy an INSURANCE to cover you in case you face injuries. More details below.

Registration fee for 5th division

The registration fee is 250€ per player and it includes:

  • Palloliitto league fee and membership (does NOT include Pelipassi)
  • Referee fees
  • Renting field for official games
  • Arranging fields for training (at least once a week from March until October)
  • Training material (e.g., balls, vests, cones, etc.).
  • First Aid equipment.

You can pay the fee at once or in two parts. Please, make the deposit to our club’s account by 1.4. Details below:

  • Saaja / Beneficiary: Vierasjoukkue ry
  • Tilin numero / Account number: FI57 1146 3001 1123 55
  • Viesti / Message: Vitonen 2023
  • Eräpäivä / Due date: 1.4.2023

Pelipassi (License)

In order to participate in the 5th division, you need to get a license (PELIPASSI in Finnish), it costs 50 euros and you can get it through PELIPAIKKA service (here is the link). We kindly advice you to get your PELIPASSI by 10th of April. If you have any problem to get your license, please contact us.

Vakuutus (Insurance)

We recommend you to take an insurance for sports. There are some insurances you can purchase from AON: SUPPEA TURVA 100 euros or LAAJENNETTU TURVA 290 euros. More information for insurances at Palloliitto page.


In this league teams are formed by 6 players (inc. goalkeeper). The games are played on artificial grass and it is a hobby league (only hobby-league license is required). The fee for participating in this league is 60 euros. The fee includes league registration, fields and referees. If you also want to join the trainings, you can either pay 5 euros per time or 50 euros for the whole summer.

Please, make the deposit to our club’s account by 30.4. Details below:

  • Saaja / Beneficiary: Vierasjoukkue ry
  • Tilin numero / Account number: FI57 1146 3001 1123 55
  • Viesti / Message: Puistofutis 2023
  • Eräpäivä / Due date: 30.4.2023


If you are only interested in playing for fun with us and participate in our training sessions, you are also welcome! We always have guests players joining our trainings outdoors. The fee for guest players is 50 euros. If you want to pay each time the cost is 5 euros. The fee covers the booking of the fields where we have the training sessions. You can deposit the guest fee to our club’s account.


New players can get the team’s t-shirt (Adidas) for 25 euros. If you are interested in getting a new t-shirt, please do the deposit to our account and contact Angel Lopez for more details.

Vierasjoukkue ry