Getting your license (Pelipassi)

In order to participate in the games for the 6th division, you need to get your license PELIPASSI (In Finnish). You can buy your license online at Palloverkko (here is the link). The price is 45 euros and the site is in Finnish, Swedish and English. It is compulsory for all players to get their license before the first game, otherwise you won’t be able to play in the official games.

In addition to the license, we suggest to get an insurance for sports. From previous experience, it is a good idea to get an insurance in case some unfortunate accident happens to players during the season. The insurance can be obtained separately from the license.

Remember that if you have been playing in another club in the last 2 years, you need to ask for a transfer and it will cost 50 euros to make the transfer. If you haven’t been active in the last 2 years but your name still remains in the old club, request for a transfer (it is free).

Presentation how to get the license as PDF.