End of Summer Season 2015

We had our last official game in the 6th division at Ahvenisjärvi (Hervanta) closing the summer season 2015 with a great victory. We reached the 6th position in the league showing a great come back in the last games.

We would like to thank all our players who participated during this summer. There will be a friendly game against Vastapallo in Tahmela followed by a sauna-ilta on the 25th of September, please remember to sign up.

One more thing, those who have not paid the 40 euros for the referees and fields, please do it NOW. We need to organize the Futsal season soon and all bills have to be paid before that.

Vierasjoukkue ry

6th division SUMMER 2015

Dear Vierasjoukkue members,

As you all may know, we are taking part in the 6th division this year. For now, we NEED YOUR HELP to cover the basic expenses. The season fee for the SUMMER SESON is 90 euros per player. We would need you to pay the season fee by 30.03.2015. Below the details for the payment:


Maksettava / Amount: 90 euroa (*)

Saaja / Beneficiary: Vierasjoukkue ry

Tilin numero / Account number: FI57 1146 3001 1123 55

Viesti / Message: jalkapallo 2015

Eräpäivä / Due date: 30.03.2015

Apart from the season fee, you need to buy your PELIPASSI (player license) and insurance separately. More information will be added in our website: www.vierasjoukkue.fi

Best Regards,

Vierasjoukkue ry