Trainings at Rahola

Hello to all!

We have trainings at Rahola every Wednesday from 21 hrs. In order to participate in the trainings at Rahola, you need to pay a fee. You can do a single payment of 60 euros for the whole winter (until the end of March) or you can pay each time 5 euros for the training session if you think you will come ocassionally only.

Our account information is:

Saaja / Beneficiary: Vierasjoukkue ry

Tilin numero / Account number: FI57 1146 3001 1123 55

Viesti / Message: Rahola fee

Eräpäivä / Due date: 15.11.2015

Remember that you can also use liikuntasetelit if you are planning to pay for each time.

Vierasjoukkue ry